Motor Suspension EFI Mapping

Blonix is at the bleeding edge of 4-stoke technology. Blonix is proud to offer newly developed maps for the ECU that will improve the power and feel of your EFI powered machine. Both stock and modified motors will benefit from the revised ECU settings. With custom mapped ECU settings the rider may choose the style of power they want or need. If you are already familiar with the process of loading maps onto your bike, you can download a map from our website.  We have several different maps to choose from for different types of power curves.  Whether you are riding a tight Supercross track or a wide-open motocross track, we have a map solution to achieve your optimum power curve.

EFI Remapping Service

Blonix will upload an enhanced EFI map to your CRF or KXF motorcycle ECU unit. 


EFI Tuner Power Supply

Blonix has developed an improved power supply for do-it-yourself EFI tuners.  This power supply is smaller, lighter, and more convenient than using a standard motorcycle 12V batter.  The power supply includes one batter and one AC charger to plug into a standard outlet. 

$145 (Requires some assembly)

BLONIX EFI Custom Tuner Kit

Blonix sells KXF and CRF custom EFI Tuner kits which include the standard EFI tuner units already modified with a Blonix Power Supply.  Pricing depends upon model.  Call for pricing.